Prime Minister's Hibiscus Award 2016/2017 Environmental Journalism Award

In recognition of the fundamental role of the media in sustainable development, the Prime Minister’s Hibiscus Award (PMHA) inaugurated the Environmental Journalism Award in its 2012/2013 cycle.

The Environmental Journalism Award will be conferred once every two years in conjunction with the presentation of the PMHA which is held biennially.

The Environmental Journalism Award is presented to the print media organisation that has made major contributions towards the understanding of environmental sustainability and a significant impact on public and policy sentiment. It seeks to enhance the quality and integrity of media coverage of environmental issues to a level that would encourage the public, the consumer and the corporate sector to take further affirmative action towards sustainability.

This is in line with PMHA’s concept which recognises companies and businesses for their accomplishments and leadership in environmental sustainability.

Inaugural Recipient - The Star

Honourable Mention - Star

Honourable Mention - Berita Harian

Environmental Journalism Award

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